After the Wind

For a while, I thought really carefully about what my first post after rebirth would be and this one made the most convincing arguments. Yes, I have the most meaningful conversations with my pieces. It’s a sequel to my very first post here. LOST TO THE WIND.                                                         Here is the link                                 I  do hope you enjoy this read.

It’s been a while since that night, many full moons over
But he could still feel the wind in his face
The shiver that ran down his spine and the sorrow that logged in throat
Reminded him of when he sat by the fire with her
And the weary that day had brought him
How his every decision brought them to this moment
And for that he hated himself
For it brought him here
The man who turned his mother bitter
He came with enough to live on when they most needed it
So she felt indebted to him
He allowed him to go to school                                                                                                                   But still manged to convince her that a man had to work
And so he still had to work the streets
He hated hawking, for one he was always exhausted                                                                       And the walk home in the dark was terrifying
For the twilight that once united them
Was nothing more than a constant reminder of all they had lost
Sometimes he’d catch her crying when she thought he was fast asleep
Or hiding money from him so they could be free
It wasn’t long before he caught her
And lined her back with the edge of his belt
He always came back past midnight
After the demons had come out to play
He staggered and shouted and hit everything he bumped into

As he walked home from school this day
Ready to begin the day’s work, he sat for a bit to catch his breath
He had been chasing vehicles for over an hour
He’d seen her cross the road but he never expected her come to him
He had nothing left to sell
He didn’t know her but he wasn’t afraid, she had a nice smile
And as he answered every one of her questions
He took slow steps backwards
She must have noticed cause she smiled and began to leave
Before she left, she handed him a note
He didn’t know if to run after her or not
But before he could decide, she was long gone
He didn’t really understand what just happened
He had never held a note with more than two zeros before
And even that was on the rarest of occasions
He folded the note and began the sprint home
As he passed by each tree and each passing vehicle
All he could think of was the last time he ran home like this
The night of the wind
He was filled with hope and rage
As ran into her arms and showed her the note

He did not notice him as he ran into the house
He wasn’t supposed to be home
He was supposed to be somewhere, anywhere but here
Drowning his demons with the contents of the bottle
Before he could explain the story of the note
He heard but one thing and that was the deafening slap that left him
Motionless on the ground sinking into the voices that echoed
He heard her shouting and crying attempting to fight for him
He shouldn’t have run away, He should have fought with her
He shouldn’t have left her to his fate                                                                                                     As he returned in search for her
His home was now nothing but bricks and walls, for she was not there
The blood stains on the wall and the broken tables
Painted him a rather vivid picture
It was the aftermath of the devil’s wrath
The silence was deafening
He saw his note shredded and stained
He picked up each piece and stuffed them in his bag
He was going to find her
He was going after the wind
Until she held him in her arms again
For as long as the wind blew
He knew she was alive.


6 thoughts on “After the Wind

  1. Deep deep deep! The wind lives in him now, the physical wind can only remind him of who he seeks to find. Hopefully the hurt and pain will not define his view to life.. Hopefully he’ll see life as it truly is; full of good and bad.

    Great piece Marve!

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